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Matt Harris

Superhero Power: Rocking any crowd (especially the ladies) with hypnotic vocals and stratospheric dance moves

Weapon: Lead Vocals, Harmonies  and Guitar

Its very simple – Matt Harris is the ULTIMATE Frontman. There are very few bands that have a singer as versatileand charismatic as our main man. It takes a special performer to be able to transition back and forth from singing Rock to Country, Pop to Rap, Hip Hop to Disco, and Dance to Funk, in one show, let alone do it while dancing, entertaining an entire audience AND playing guitar. Think Mick Jagger, Elvis, Adam Levine, Johnny Cash and the Backstreet Boys all rolled into one phenomenal performer. All it takes is 5 minutes of a Superhero show to immediately see that Matt can and WILL command an audience from start to finish and take everyone on a musical journey that will capture your attention and never let it go. But the best part is, he does it without the Rock Star Ego – he’s one of the most easygoing, charismatic and likeable guys you’ll ever meet.

Our Ringmaster of Rock was sharpening his singing and playing skills from a young age. Growing up in a musical family, it was a given that Matt would develop an ear for great songs and the ability to play a variety of instruments. He quickly learned to sing, play guitar, bass, piano and even harmonica. At just 14 years old, our natural born leader formed his own band. At the time, our bass player, Jimmy, got one glimpse of Matt playing guitar, and was immediately inspired to start playing as well. From there, the two childhood friends played in various bands, and it became evident right away that our popular and slightly rebelliousmale vocalist had that very special gift of being able to front an act in a way that few could match. During this time, Matt progressed quickly, studying his craft in college and playing guitar in several jazz ensembles under the direction of Dave Schmidt of the Groove Merchants. He was crafting not only his own unique and charismatic style, but was also learning and absorbing the tools and skills he would use later, throughout his music career,from a variety of other talented musicians and friends. Sharing the stage and collaborating with artists such as Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), and Pokafase (Warren G and PhunkJunkeez) was a key factor in helping Matt create his own completely unique identity utilizing all the influences around him, but putting his own undeniable stamp and flavor on it.


Although Matt was heavily influenced by a wide range of music, he had a special relationship to the best rock, pop, rap and funk sounds that came out of the great acts of the 80s and 90s’ music scene – perhaps because he had shared so much growing up with several of the most notable music contemporaries of those decades. He didn’t want to be restrained by creative limitations, rather Matt dreamed of putting together an act that could encompass the greatest songs and playing of ALL the music genres he loved and wanted to share with his audiences without being confined to just one category. He always strived to perform in a way that would appeal to people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds, and from any generation. This dream became a reality when he joined forces with John Bronson and the Superhero Band took flight.

When you catch a Superhero show, it is obvious from the outset that Matt lives and breathes his music – he gives 1000 percent energy, passion and effort into every show and stands in a category alone. Most of all he makes it fun for everyone, and his energy is contagious.  Night after night, he is a dynamic entertainer and the enthusiasm of the audience proves just how much he relates and connects through his music.

When not performing with Superhero, Matt can often be found writing and recording original songs and lyrics, teaching music to others, playing guitar and piano, guest singing with other bands, and performing in special appearances with his popular side project, Money Shot. But by far, the most satisfaction that Matt enjoys is when he’s in the company of his two beautiful daughters, Cantrell and Kennedy, and his entire family and circle of long time close friends. You can see and follow more of Matt on Facebook at Matt Harris and on Instagram @supermatttttt

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