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Cathy Rankin

Superhero Power: Belting out Supernatural notes while mesmerizing hearts and minds

Weapon of Choice: Lead Vocals/Harmonies/Tambourine

One look and listen at our leading lady and her stellar high notes, and you know Cathy was born to entertain. Whether onstage, on camera, or in any crowd, Superhero’s fearless front woman captures the hearts and attention of audiences,  bringing a strong female voice to the band in more ways than one. Never one to take a backseat, our favorite force-to-be-reckoned-with doesn’t just rock fans with her power vocals, she also proudly reps the girls while holding her own with the guys. She tells it like it is through her songs, but does it with a genuine smile and the perfect mix of sass and class to make you realize she’s just being herself, and wants everyone to come along for the ride. You’ll often see Cathy giving hugs and taking pictures in the audience, sharing in the fun with everyone.

Cathy’s natural inclination for performance and music was evident from an early age when she vowed she would be an actor and singer, and her dream never wavered. Her grandfather was the first to influence her love of music. An accomplished professional big band musician, he played saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo and piano, primarily by ear, practicing in his music room with Cathy paying close attention. This exposure, along with her Grandmother, who played 1st Violin in the Scottsdale Symphony, and the guidance of her older sister who played drums in Whiskey Blu, a popular 80s female heavy metal band, formed the musical foundation that would be a lifelong passion for our songstress. 


Cathy started on flute, but her love of singing, storytelling and connecting through music kept pulling at her. With her Grandfather’s same ear for pitch, melody and harmony, she sang in school ensembles performing for veterans,events, and state competition. At the same time, as a constant companion to her sister, she tagged along with her band,immersed inthe 70s and 80s live music scene throughout her school years. Cathy enjoyed and absorbed everything from Disco,Motown and Classical, to Pop,Metal, and Glam Rock, but some of her biggest influences were RUSH, Queensryche, Heart, Styx, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, Linda Rondstadt, the Eagles and ABBA. This cemented her passion for great songwriting, strong, out-front vocals and irresistible harmonies. A rocker at heart, she intently studied the most iconic front-men and women, planting the seeds for the direction she’d eventually go. But first, Cathy honed her writing and acting skills, graduating from ASU with a Marketing degree and Summa Cum Laude honors, choosing to gain valuable corporate experience before pursuing her entertainment dreams further. Combining her business instincts and art into a comprehensive approach led her to a successful career in corporate marketing and event planning for Fortune 500 companies, as well as becoming an established actor and host with the Ford Agency. However, it was an independent film role that brought Cathy back to music when she landed a part requiring her to sing and record an original song. For mentoring, she turned to one of her best musician friends and from that point on dove in head-first, collaborating on some duo work while also learning from a variety of other friends in the music industry. In 2013,Cathy was looking for a band that would share the same passion for connecting with a wide variety of people through music and strong personalities. She was introduced to the guys in Superhero, and the undeniable band dynamic clicked, propelling it into becoming one of Arizona’s most popular, established acts. 

When not singing with Superhero, Cathy guest sings with other musicians and performed the National Anthem with Superhero bandmate, John Bronson, at the PIR Indy races and the Armed Forces Ball in Arizona. She remains active in her entertainment career and is dedicated to Veteran’s causes with her own Charity Pinup Calendar project (you’ll see she keeps an American flag scarf tied to her tambourine in honor of our Vets). She also works almost daily on writing poetry, lyrics and various types of copy, but Cathy’s favorite role is being a hands-on mom to her daughter, Halle, and their furbabies. They love to travel and eat great food (lots of it) with close knit family and friends. To see Cathy’s music interviews and work, visit and follow her on Facebook at Cathy Rankin Entertainment, or Instagram @rushfanatic.


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