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This is a musician who does his homework and knows his craft. It’s this versatility in style, sound and true talent that makes this drummer an irreplaceable, consummate pro.

When he’s not busy holding down the beat, Eric likes to kick back and enjoy family time with his wife, Kortne, and their son, Damian. And although he looks like a tough guy, he likes to baby his two little Basenji dogs. (He’ll knock us into next week for telling you that……)

Eric Bongiorno

Superhero Power: Crushing Drums and Hearts with Otherworldly Power and Prowess

Weapon of choice: Drums

When you need to bring out the big guns, you get a guy like Eric. New York born and bred, he’s our hard hitting, no nonsense master drummer with a musical pedigree that means business.Eric provides the perfect backbone to the Superhero sound with unmatched technical precision, hard rockin’ tempo and a great natural feel. These are hard skills to find in one drummer, (the hot-blooded Italian good looks don’t hurt either), so when you do, you make sure you take full advantage of it.

Eric’s musical chops come from a childhood spent playing in elementary and high school band, culminating in All State honors and becoming First Chair Timpanist at Oklahoma State University. Trained in Classical and Jazz, he moved to L.A. to attend the Musician’s Institute where he was featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, quite an accomplishment for a young talent. As Eric gigged with bands that played everything from Metal to Funk to Big Band, he built up an impressive resume, becoming a reliable and consistent go-to drummer, which led him to recording and touring throughout the U.S. and Europe with Metal Blade artist Wardog and Sony Red artist Razer.

Eric has played, shared the stage with, and opened for many incredible artists such as Slash, Judas Priest, Tesla, Buck Cherry, Shinedown, Lit, Marty Friedman, and more. As a freelance artist he’s enjoyed session work, as well as playing out with a variety of both original and cover bands that range from Metal, Rock, Country and Funk to Jazz, Fusion, Latin and R&B music.You can give Eric any song, any set list, and within days he’ll come back and play every single song and part exactly as it was meant to be played.

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