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Jimmy Jamz

Superhero Power: Laying down funky cosmic beats while flashing an irresistable smile

Weapon of choice: Bass Guitar

One look at Jimmy with his ear to ear grin on stage, and you’ll instantly know why he’s loved by everyone. We dare you not to adore him the way we do – its impossible! A truly sweet and genuine soul, Jimmy is everyone’s friend, always ready with a funny story, joke or recipe he’s happy to share with you. He’s ALWAYS a fan favorite because his unbridled enthusiasm and passion is absolutely contagious as he lives in the moment better than anyone, and his onstage performance and joy shows that night after night as people just watch him and can’t help but smile.

But besides being instantly likeable, Jimmy is serious and dedicated about his bass, and works hard at his music every day in order to lay down the funk for our audiences. He began his musical journey at the age of 14, after seeing our front-man, Matt Harris, playing guitar. Jimmy knew immediately that’s what he wanted to do, and so his inspiration and sweat equity began! Right away, he took a liking to the bass and realized it fit his style and talents best, which makes sense when you consider the fact that he had a background in extreme sports and an affinity for the punk scene – anything quirky, different and daring, that’s what appeals to our Jimmy, so what better instrument than the jamming, slapping and grooving rhythm of the bass?

Matt and Jimmy were not only music mates in school, but also best friends and they eventually went on to form the popular band, Money Shot, which covered the best of the 90’s music scene and still plays together to this day. Jimmy’s enthusiasm and love for music never wanes and as he continued to play over the years and hone his craft, he expanded into creating his own electronic beats and songs and is always seeking to 

evolve into new and different sounds and ways of playing. Jimmy is one of those truly unique people who breaks the mold and doesn’t do things like anyone else. He is 100 percent authentic, genuine, and one of a kind not only in his music, but his personality and outlook on life. He’s a breath of fresh air in a world that needs it!

When not entertaining audiences with Superhero, Jimmy works with other musicians as a guest player filling in on gigs for a wide variety of acts from country to alternative. He also has a passion for cooking (he’s amazing at it!) and spending time with his long time love, Alexis, who herself is an accomplished artist. Jimmy can always be found exploring new and different things, always bringing this sense of genuine interest, awe and wonder to everything and everyone  around him. Now you know why we (and you) can’t help but love him……

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