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But let’s get back to the guitar playing – John is a true musician’s musician - one of those rare talents gifted at birth with an innate musical ability that makes him capable of learning and playing just about anything. He’s one of those guys that can listen to something once, and within 5 minutes have it figured out and play it better than the original. A self-taught, one-of-a-kind force of nature, he was the youngest of 12 siblings, learning at a young age to figure things out for himself and do whatever needed to be done. But the common trait that ran throughout his entire family was music. His Dad owned his own business but played lap steel guitarand ukelele in a country band outside of work, while his Mom was classically trained and played violin in the NAU Symphony, later becoming an accomplished church organist, a very complicated instrument to play. John wanted to play drums, but like any sane mother who doesn’t want to hear banging drums all day, he was told he could do guitar or nothing. So, at 12 years old, John purchased his first electric guitar, a fake Gibson Les Paul for $69, along with a $99 PV Decade Amp (he still remembers it to this day), and our guitar hero was born John began teaching himself, playing records and slowing them down to pick out the notes and chords by ear, much to the amazement of his mom who played strictly by the book.



At 13, John saw Guy Koplitz (Mogollon) on guitar and was amazed by his playing, immediately knowing this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. John was prolific in his playing, easily adapting to any style and with an uncanny ability to play note for note on any song, while also having great improvisational skills. Within a year, John and Guy’s cousin, Wiley Arnett,teamed up in a band with fellow musician Phil Rhind. After a few years, John began to explore New Wave and other pop styles, wanting to learn and incorporate new and different sounds and ways of playing, while his friends, looking for a harder sound, went on to form Sacred Reich. During this time, John was always helping other musicians restring their guitars, fixing, and improving on them, and by 21, was offered the opportunity to learn guitar repair and customization from a friend that ran a business out of the back of The Guitar Shop in Scottsdale, AZ. With his do-it-yourself ability, John took to it immediately reading and learning everything he could. Shortly after,he took over the shop, later turning it into Bronson Guitar Works, which still operates today as a go-to place for musicians, collectors, buyers and sellers.

While running his business, John met fellow Arizona musician and drummer, Chris Phillips. The two friends formed the original lineup of Zowie Bowie. But, as many musicians do, John played with multiple bands, and through other connections he came to form the wildly popular rock tribute act, Metalhead, which included vocalist Robert Mason who later went on to front Warrant. Metalhead was at the forefront of the tribute band concept, performing  for 12 straight years to packed houses, and John’s larger than life, on-stage, in-your-face rowdy persona was a fan favorite. But with his creative wheels always turning and wanting to evolve, John wanted to branch out further. In 2009, he was struck with an idea in the middle of the night to put together a high energy country band featuring a male and female front that would cover all the hits from classic to current, unlike most other country acts at the time. He formed Daisy Train, and the band quickly made a splash in Arizona and as a headline act on the Vegas strip. By 2011, John decided to put together another band with a similar concept but that would appeal to an even broader audience with a wider range of music for any event or venue. Already friends with Matt Harris, the two formed Superhero, and knew immediately this was the act they could take anywhere. As the right players and personalities joined, the chemistry clicked, and the concept took off with Superhero becoming a fixture in the Arizona music scene as well as a premier event act for a wide variety of companies, events and festivals across the country. There’s been no looking back ever since. And, when you see a Superhero show, there’s no mistaking John, he doesn’t just grab audiences with his unbelievable guitar chops, but with his bold personality and humor even after all these years!

When not managing, and playing lead guitar in both Superhero and Daisy Train,John guest performs for other bands and stays busy with his guitar shop, which continues to provide service for not just local musicians and hobbyists, but for a long list of well-known and iconic artists such as Nils Lofgren (Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band), Geddy Lee (RUSH), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), George Benson, Joe Walsh (the Eagles) and more.Ultimately, John lives and breathes music on every level, as a player, teacher, builder, and business owner.

When not busy with music, John enjoys doing all the daredevil things he did as a kid with his son, Christopher, and together they are quite the pair, look out world…..

John Bronson

Superhero Power: Transfixing audiences with extraterrestrial guitar solos and devilish blue eyes

Weapon of Choice: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

John Bronson. There’s no one like him –a category unto himself, lead guitarist, and the “mad genius” behind Superhero, he is the high gear, high energy, driving engine that makes this band run. Without his ability to handle 1000 things at any moment, BESIDES playing incredible guitar, there would be no band. Need an amp fixed on the spot? Ask John. Can’t figure out what’s wrong with your guitar? Ask John. Need something recorded but can’t get it sounding right? Ask John because he’ll know the song AND your parts better than you, guaranteed. Ask anything, and you’ll get an answer, unfiltered, outspoken and straight at ya - there’s just about no problem he can’t solve and you’ll always know where you stand, good or bad, but with his wicked sense of humor, he’ll at least have you doubled over in laughter while he gives you the facts.

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